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Shows that so called intelligent people cannot think of anything but tax as a solution to their presumed problem.


surely such brains could have come up with a far better innotive approach  such as using what are left of school playing fields to encourage more people to partake of sport ... oh but that doesnt raise taxc to pay the salarties of aforesaid educated people....haha

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So you're in favour of government artificially raising food prices in order to get more money to waste? Trust me they won't use it to pay off any debts, they are already proving that by their refusal to cut out government waste and unneccessry spending. Don't starve the people, starve the thieves in government!!

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If the government increased taxation on tobacco for health reasons then there's no reason not to heavily tax such things as sugar and fatty foods such as Burger King, McD's, KFC, kebabs and the rest...I'm sure we all could manage on a diet of a handful of grains and nuts for our daily intake of food fuel. 

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