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Children of Man (Men?)


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This is a new film that opened last week and I plan to see it soon. However, last night my grandson and I were watching a DVD with George Lazenby in ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, and it had pretty much the same plot. Blofeld (Bleufeld?)has developed a viral pollen that causes sterility in all plants and animals, and will unleash it worldwide through beautiful ladies with perfume atomizers, unless he receives (????$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!)


I think it is the best Bond picture to date.

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Apocolypto opened here Dec. 8. It was widely advertised and appraised, and it won first place box office the first week. However, I believe it was not really a Christmas season favorite. My daughter in law took her 16 year old son to see it. She didn't think her money was wasted.

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It used to be six months over here, but recently they've decided to go to DVD sooner in order to take advantage of the advertising and current word of mouth -- leaving the theater chains to froth at the mouth over the competition. I predict it will be available in month.

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