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Dukes of Hazard


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the new film will be terrible...the dukes of hazzard was class, i have four episodes on dvd and a General Lee model bought from the trafford centre last year.


the film has Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg..big mistake, no way am i watching a film that has changed one of the best characters and as for Jessica Simpson..not only does she look pathetic in the role of Daisy Duke, but she also killed the song "these boots are made for walking" by Nancy Sinatra.


Just like the future remake of The A Team (due next year?) which will also be rubbish, the dukes of hazzard should have been left well alone..I hope they don't remake Airwolf or KnightRider..both will be ruined.


thank you.

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yes the dodge charger is used. the only decent thing in film...but still not a patch on the original..


Other films not to be remade:


Airwolf (the helicopter probably would be changed - big mistake)

KnightRider (the car would be not a Pontiac Trans am)

The A Team - none of the original cast, no comedy included. different reason for being on the run


Airwolf was superb, because of the superb theme music and helicopter..Bell 222 chopper. all that would change..and there would be Jan Michael Vincent, no Ernest Borgnine etc.

KnightRider...people only watched this because of the excellent Pontiac sports car. if that goes, Knight Rider goes.

And of course The A Team..What a superb cast: George Peppard, Dirk Benedict (who i met in southport convention a while ago), Dwight Schultz and of course Mr T. What a great combination of actors. can't replace those no matter what.


if they did eventually remake The A Team. Only one person could play Murdoch: it has to be Jim Carrey. LL Cool J as BA Baracus, Harrison Ford as Hannibal Smith and can anyone think of someone to play Templeton "Faceman" Peck?

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