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Wen a fella cum walkin’ deawn eawr road, ‘Is clogs went "er—clatt, er—clatt."
An’ it struck mi, as Ah’d never knowed  A pair o’clogs t’seawnd like that.

Soo Ah waited wile ‘ee getten close, Fer t’see wot wer th’matter,
Clogs doant "er—clatt, er—clatt" tha knows  Thi should guh "clatt—er, clatt—er!"

Ah thowt, "Just wen ‘as passes mi  Ah’ll ‘ev a look a’t’greawnd,
Cause Ah wer fair reet wonderin’  O’er th’reason fer yon seawnd.

Sos wen ‘ee sad, "Nah then theer,"  Wen ‘ee passed mi i’ th’ street,
Ah looked, an’ does ta know  Booath ‘is clogs wer o’t’wrong feet.

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