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Piano Accordian ??


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A complete long shot here but worth a try.


Does anyone happen to have a Piano Accordian gathering dust (or know anyone else that might have one) that they no longer use and would be willing to sell to keep a 'sometimes grumpy' retired and bored old man out of mischief :lol:


Oooh I will be in so much trouble if he sees that but his PC is broken so I should be OK for a while. :wink:


It must be in full working order though and I've already looked on ebay for him but some are a bit vague in their description and not local so no way of seeing, hearing or being sure that they are ok before paying electronically and keeping our fingers crossed.


Like I said just a long shot but I'm sure you all know lots of people so maybe you could ask about...... please :D  

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Sorry got rid of mine many years back after realising that no matter how much I practiced I would never get the hang of it. Is there any local auction houses in the area. may be worth seeing if they have any seem to see quite a few on bargain hunt,unless i am watching the same episode every week.


Just had a quick look on the dawsons website and they have two an eight base and a 24 base. depending on which you want the eight base is currently priced at £90.00 and the 24 at £170.

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