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Big kid or will it make you grumpy ?


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To be honest Dizz, were  dreading it, as we live at the lower end of a cul-de-sac and the bad winter we had a few years back we couldn't get the car out as the road was frozen and treacherous, I'm afraid as far as I'm concerned cold and snowy winters are for youngsters and good luck to them, they are not for old folk!




Bellhouse Lane, Grappenhall, 2010.






The previous evening, transport unable to negotiate the A50 Knutsford Road at Grappenhall.


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That top photo is lovely Algy.


Yeah I know what you mean about the roads being bad as in 2010 if I remember rightly ours was a combination of about 3 inches or hard compacted snow which had then iced over and remained for some weeks and also had patches of clear as glass ice too due to the amount of cars that had gone over it (and although being quite a busy road it doesn't get gritted and the only time the sun hits it is after tea time in the summer so in the winter months we are buggered and never thaws out as it;s gone dark by then)


But saying all that... as long as it doesn't freeze on Friday you could always get your walking boots on and come down to the field near my dads and remind him that he is now classed as 'an old folk' too now he's 73 (or is it 72 eek) .  He said today he's got a sledge in his garage and he still has our plastic skis too and can't wait ... OMG :lol:   


Worst case scenario is that I pick you up as long as you promise to bring your posh new camera so I can have a go of it  and I wil also pul you around on a sledge and push you (errm gentl) y down the hill towards the stream.  Don't worry no one has ever gone in it yet that way :wink: 

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Errrm... just as an after thought Algy.... well ok so my other half just reminded me where Bellhouse Lane is.


That's a pretty long road isn't it with quite a lot of other residential roads coming off it?   Doesn't that get gritted then either ?

Maybe I could just pick you up from A50 :lol:


At least where we are we can just abandon our cars outside our homes if we don't have to use them and walk 5 mins to the shops etc or just over 10 mins to the proposed sledging and snowball field... there's no saying our cars will remain in one piece though with the other idiot drivers who go down the road  but nowt we can do about that and we just have to keep our fingers crossed (as we do all year) and that doesn't always work. 


If you can get to Ackers Pit tomorrow with your new camera try it out as it was great today. 


Ducks and swans walking on ice and some lovely refections and icy greenery too.  Very refreshing and enjoyable although trying to take pics with one hand while having an over excited dog on the end of a lead in the other hand has probably not resulted in any good pics and I've not even bothered looking yet all things considered  :lol:

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Thank's Dizz, let's see how the weather develops first, I do appreciate the offer though. Bellhouse lane is the first turning right off the A50 after passing through the traffic lights by the Springbrook pub, the lane takes you to Grappenhall village.



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Good :D


Fancy a snowball fight or bit of sledging with me and my dad Peter?  He's up for it but seems my two here aren't... miserable buggers 8)   


Have you heard that police in County Durham are threatening to arrest any children caught throwing snowballs at people or property? Miserable sods.

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Well the council are taking it seriously as I have just seen a road gritter getting an early start, maybe they saw the one that had skidded off the road yesterday and don't want to take any chances.


I know my brother is hoping it snows heavily.That way he can say it is too dangerous to do the school run and go back to bed.


As for me it does not bother me much as long as I can get to the dominoes match and back then it can snow all it wants. Dog will still get walked even if I have to carry him back looking more like a poodle than a shitzu.

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Damn... I've just checked the met office weather for Friday (Warrington) again and we are now downgraded to 'light snow' rather than 'heavy'.


It's now showing temperatures of -1 / -2 through the day too for tomorrow around here so that's colder than they said yesterday. 


Looks like I might not be having my snowball fight after all then and wading through inches of lovely crisp white snow.  Boo hoo


but then again......... it could all change again :wink:  

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