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Horse meat in Tesco burgers, what next Lidl Pony?     The burgers will be low in fat but  high in Shergar.

I hope Observer smokes their fags 

A motorist gets pulled over by a police officer, who asks him to blow into a breathalyser. The machine beeps.
‘I’m sorry Sir,’ says the officer. ‘You’re over the limit. Can you tell me what you have had tonight?’
‘Nothing Officer,’ replies the man. ‘Just a burger from Tesco.’
‘That explains it,’ says the policeman. ‘I knew I could smell Red Rum.’


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And by coincidence, all in todays Daily Mail. :wink:

Very few people have the ability to concoct some for of amusing anecdote, I certainly have'nt, so most of us source it from someone or somewhere else, nowt' wrong with that Wolfie!., I asume that's how you came about your polar bear image. :wink:

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Can't believe you're sticking up for Cleo alg. :unsure:  :unsure:  :wink:


BTW If you can find that polar bear pic anywhere else on the internet let me know.

I'm sure the complete image is'nt anywhere on the internet, but I doubt you took the picture of the polar bear yourself but obtained it from the net, then edited it with photo editing software, nowt' wrong with that.

not sticking up for Cleo, just pointing out that "people living in glass houses should not throw stones", so to speak. :wink::D :D

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See the little winking smiley at the end of my post Cleo. It was supposed to be a joke in reference to the other thread regarding being a reader of the Daily Mail


You really need to lighten up and take a chill pill.


Same applies to alg but to a lesser extent . :wink:

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