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87% of Tesco customer will not eat another beefburger from there stores.


This is based on a recent gallup poll.



To be fair to Tesco, making a burger these days is a long and complicated process.


There's so many hurdles you need to get through.

Jokes and quizzes section??? I know Tesco are a joke and their shares will plumet but surely this should be in national issues?

This is what happens when a big international chain screw suppliers down on price and then take 120 days to pay them!

The only way they can make any money is to use horse meat to supplement the beef!


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I appologise in advance to anyone reading this who may have just had their tea


Tesco have gone too far this time putting horse meat into the burgers. It's disgusting. There should be laws put in place preventing this sort of thing.

If everyone sticks together I am sure we can get it back to the way it used to be......











100 percent cow's testicles and anal passages.

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Got to be one or the udder!  Seems they've not been telling porkies, but selling them (Muslims beware!); pig's DNA were found in some - the swines! 


Muslims wouldn't eat supermarket burgers or any other prepared foods containing meat products. Not halal.

I doubt if many, if any, people will be eating supermarket burgers after reading what goes into them anyway. I can safely predict a massive drop in supermarket burger sales.

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