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Warning - expected traffic disruption Warrington today - Gypsy Funeral


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At least the police etc were actually advised that it was going to take place Obs.  Better than them just coming through unannounced which would have caused more problems.


80+ cars is one heck of a good send off though and I wonder how many more joined after if had passed us.


Sad to see the words 'Daddy' made of flowers in the car carrying the coffin though.  I wonder if he was quite young chap.  He worked at a place on Manchester road apparently so that's probably why it stopped off there for longer.


RIP Mr Traveller  

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Sorry Shiela... yours wasn't there when I was replying to Obs.


No idea sorry.  I would have thought though that the travellers probably wouldn't have caused any trouble anyway as they were only paying their respects and following a funeral car.....but then again if locals/non travellers had started shouting or being disrespectful in any other way then it could have been a different story all together.

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Please don't Obs.....


Seems he was only 26 and was found dead at his home two days before xmas day and he was a dad and had a job too at a company along Manchester Road (hence the reason they stopped there maybe).


Whatever people's views on 'travellers', and I know I've said many things about some of them over the years and what they do, but now is not the time to make jokes or to be disrespectful eh as at the end of the day he has died and his his family and friends have lost one of their loved ones and to be honest I thought it was rather nice that so many of them turned out to show their last respects to him in the way they did.


How many times have you seen funerals arriving at a church or crematorium with only a handful of people attending or in some cases no other people at all?  I've seen some and that is very sad to see indeed :(

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