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I sent off to the internet for a pair of official Luis Suarez football boots and the buggers sent me a pair of gloves.


Don't make predictions on United v Looneypool results as it tends to come back and slap you in the face. :lol:

I'm used to it now wolfie!, :lol:

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Well and truely slapped - quiet game for Suarez, couldnt get his hand near the ball. :lol:

Thought Sturridge looked good for Liverpool who probably were the better team in second half - but United march on - but you wouldn't think there were 24 points between the two clubs in the league table watching that game in isolation. :oops:

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 Sturridge looked good but needs to be more aware of the options around him, the partnership with Suarez will work better as the season progresses. Liverpool are light in midfield, I don't rate Allen at all. 

AS a Liverpool fan I find myself agreeing with a United fan! :ph34r:

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