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MP's Pay (again)


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It seems the little piggies are feeling hard done by:




Nobody forced any of them to stand for election, and they knew what they would be getting paid for doing very little, so what is their complaint?


For a lot of them the only rise they deserve is to the top of the lamp-post by th neck.

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We have the wrong people in parliament, they are amateurs who cream off as much as they can get. If we could attract the right sort of people, as the banks tell us they try and do, then the extra money in pay would be well spent, but I would stop extra 'expenses', and I would get rid of their gold plated final salary pension scheme, just like everyone else had to do. 

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I think these people stay in their positions because voter apathy allows them to stay where they are , but whoever else was in power would keep the  same T's & C's i suspect.For these people & their cronies the gravy train is here to stay. I wonder when forelock tugging will come back for us minions ?

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Surely you don't begrudge our honest and hard working politicians a modest 32% pay rise. After all they have lost all that fiddle money so they now have to pay to have their own moats cleaned, which is not cheap. After all can't have the revolting peasants falling into a dirty moat and then suing them for any disease they may catch as a consequence can we.


After all what's a mere £20,000 pounds, three nights in the hilton hotel,three weeks travelling expenses,six months tech support for the ipads. It's not even a decent deposit on a second home.


Come on folks they are really struggling to make ends meet. :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:

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