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Road works and a new Pedestrian Crossing ? Why Stockton Heath?


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Front page news today.... 7 weeks of chaos with road closure due to some hair brained idea of changing all the lights, paving and a new pedestrian crossing.




WHY ????


For those who don't know Ellesmere Road it runs from the Stag Pub on Chester Road/Walton Drag, and parallel to the Manchester Ship Canal, and ends at the junction of London Road A49 next to Stockton Heath Swing Bridge.


The more I think about it the more confused and annoyed I am getting and wonder why on earth they are doing it and for what purpose and more so who on earth decided that putting a pedestrian crossing at the end of Ellesmere was a good idea and would be any use at all !!??! 


Having spoken to other people around here too today no-one seems to be aware of it either or the need for it and all are saying 'how stupid'.   


Like me most presumed the signs that have now been up for a few days warning of forthcoming road closure were all part of the works to repair the leaking tunnel under the canal which carries all the utility services.  How wrong we all were !


Anyway, apart from replacing the existing traffic lights which seem to work ok other than they could do with better filtering, and the fact that they are apparently installing new 'tactile pavements' ... what is that by the way? Are they the nobbly bits of light coloured pavements that are usually at main road junctions and traffic lights/pedestrian crossings as it already has those   ... ooh and the odd dropped kerb which is to be installed even though there are already there anyway too.... WHY A PEDESTRIAN CROSSING AND WHAT SORT WILL IT BE ?


At that end of the road IT IS A ONE WAY STREET so when the lights are on red IT IS PERFECTLY SAFE AND EASY TO CROSS AS IT IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN with no other traffic entering or exiting the road on red


Only a handful of cars get through the Ellesmere Road lights before they change back to red too so you only have to wait a minute if they are on green.


Infact it must be one of the safest road junctions in the whole of Stockton Heath to cross at as it is !!






Absolute madness and a waste of time and money unless someone can convince me otherwise.


Rant over…. well for now anyway


PS any typos, well I don't care :oops:   8)  :lol:

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Smile has gone again.


I just googled and found reference to it on Stockton Heath Parish Councils website from their minutes of 10 July 2012 as follows.


Councillors Reports

Item 44.1.. item g)



g) Cllrs. Murphy & Jordan reported on a meeting with a Highways Officer concerning a filter

signal at the traffic lights at the Fairfield Road/London Road junction. It has been confirmed that

this could not be undertaken due to a number of reasons however a pedestrian crossing would be

installed adjacent to St. Thomas’ Church grounds to cross Ellesmere Road which should give

children confidence to cross the road



OK so I can see the reason for a better filter on the Fairfield Road/London Road junction to allow a better flow of traffic from that direction but how on earth did that suggestion result in an un needed pedestrian crossing on the other side on a one way street ?!?


Barmy or just accepting anything that is offered regardless ? 

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Got to blow the budget before the end of the year you know Diz, even if it means completely wasting most of it. Heaven forbid that Joe Public should find out that all the really essential works can actually be carried out for a tiny fraction of the money our Highways Department consumes!


If they've any left over they'll probably just repaint the lanes at Bridge Foot again. That was £30,000 for a couple of tins of paint, wasn't it?

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My guess is that a better filter could help from the Fairfield Road side as only a few cars get through the lights from that side when the they are on green if they want to go over the swing bridge as the lights on Ellesmere change not long after.  Anyone on Fairfield who wants to turn left into the village then get stuck behind the ones wanting to turn right over the bridge as the lights are only green from both for a very short time.


The comments I quoted from the PC's minutes seem to indicate that this was not a possibility anyway so no point in talking about that unless there were subsequent discussions and changes agreed later that I have not yet found.


So really I have no idea Peter just like everyone else.


I'm not bothered that the new changes on Ellesmere Rd will cause the road to be closed from 9.30am until 3.30pm for 7 weeks (or upto 10 if you look at the councils website) as there was full closure 24/7 for many weeks when untited utilities were relpacing all the water mains and it was rather nice actually.  If the closure of Fairfield Road at the same time will be a problem well is not for me to say as I don't go that way very often and even if I did I could go another way.


The only thing that is really rattling me is the proposed new 'waste of time' pedestrian crossing on Ellesmere and without knowing if if will be a zebra crossing or a push button 'traffic light' delaying crossing I'm still at a complete loss why they are doing it or why it is needed there for reasons already mentioned.


I wonder who is paying for it all though.  As it is basically on the cross road junction of the A49 London road (ie a main arterial road) would it be the Highways Agency rather than WBC who is paying to fund it as I believe the highways lot pay for arterial route changes and the council pay for smaller roads.  I could be wrong with that but whoever it it I guess it still comes out of our taxes and pockets regardless.

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I would imagine that the long term affect all this will have will be the demise of St.H as a place to shop.

The changes they made to the lights in the square for pedestrians, has slowed traffic down that much that I try to avoid going to the village.

From G'boro to the square there are 6 sets of lights and this is on a busy main road. The timing of the pedestrian lights is way too long, and so between them they acheive what 20 could never do.


Why can't they have ALL the lights stopping and starting at the same time?

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But Peter that is the idea. Slow the traffic down so that the motorists can see what shops are there. Seven hairdressers, three banks and at least one funeral directors and that is just in the bit between the swing bridge and the stockton heath traffic lights. Just think of all the free advertising that the shops will get. (Hmm wonders if that is a real reason and who got what backhanders for it)  :ph34r:

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The scheme is due to the current traffic signal equipment reaching the end of its life cycle, which would have become a maintenance liability. The traffic signal equipment is to be replaced like for like with the addition of a pedestrian crossing on Ellesmere Road. When looking at any traffic signal renewal scheme we look to make improvements to the whole traffic signal site; where possible.


We would just like to assure you that although Ellesmere Road is one way and fairly easy for the majority of pedestrians to make a judgement as to when it is safe to cross the road; the decision was taken to introduce the pedestrian crossing to assist vulnerable pedestrians. It will have no negative impact to capacity at the junction, as it will only operate when London Road traffic is on green. The cost associated with the introduction of the pedestrian facility is minimal.


The works will be starting on site on Monday and we will be working closely with the contractors and Manchester Ship Canal Company to keep disruption to a minimum.

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The mind boggles.


Having sat at those lights on numerous occasions, I have watched many "vulnerable" people crossing the road at that point and they never seem to have a problem. However, people crossing London Road (including a lot of children) do take their life in their hands, or doesn't that matter?

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