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What sort of mother


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Could kill her own son, simply for failing to memorise the koran, and then burn his body to get rid of any evidence?


The same could be asked about how any other parent could kill their own child Wolfie, or indeed how any person could kill any child, teenager or an adult etc.


To be honest I have not read or heard a lot about this poor little lads death as it upsets me too much.   To think that he was brutally beaten for many months for simply not being able to recite the words from a religious book at such a young age really upsets me.


From the bits I have heard though it seems his mother was obsessed with his learning of the koran and she was also suffering from depression (or so they say).  


But I do have to question how the little boys father was cleared of not protecting him as I'm sure that if I had ever beaten our son my other half would NOT have stood by and let that happen and would have immediately noticed as would the rest of my family and friends (and no doubt his teachers too) and they would have done something about it.  Three months is a very long time for no one to have noticed or done anything about it at all.


Poor little boy and so very very sad indeed   :cry:  

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If you're talking about indoctrination I can rememmber when I was nipper at school it was called Religious Instruction. When those in authority realised it could gave the game away a little it was renamed Religious Education...They marched us down to church every week and we were forced to listen to the most ludicrous mumbo-jumbo sermons from the holy man...We had to just accept in silence what he was preaching...no debate would be considered on pain of being caned...Islam is a modern religion but eventually it will go the way of other religions and considered to be an irrelevance in people's lives. Does anybody still worship the Sun God ? Nobody I know of anyway. 

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Safeway, allow me to correct you. Islam is not a new religion as you suppose. Islam began circa 620AD when Allah through the Angel Gabriel spoke to the prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)  revealing to him the verses now written in the Qur'an.

Rather than going the way of other religions, as you suggested. Islam is still growing and spreading worldwide and hell will freeze over before Islam goes the way of other religions.

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I don't think he meant any offence Cleo, Islam is one of the Worlds younger religions to put it into context, and by saying that I do not mean ANY disrespect to the religion and those who choose to believe in it. Yes it is a growing religion but it is growing quickest in Countries with no education system and people are told to believe, they have no choice. Where people are given a choice religion tends to hold steady or drop. You are breaking the law in many Countries if you try to convert away from Islam to another religion including Egypt.

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