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How hard can a computer game be?


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My kids grew up in the days when home computers were just starting to appear and they used to love playing the very simple and basic games that were available back then. I distinctly remember waking up early one Christmas morning and hearing my wife screaming and laughing. Run, Run, Run, Jump Run! 


The kids had got the latest game for the Spectrum computer called Jumping Jack where a little matchstick man had to navigate his way up the screen by jumping through a series of moving gaps. It couldn’t get much simpler with just three controls, left, right and jump but despite this, it was almost impossible for adults but the kids who were about seven or eight at the time seemed to have no problems.


We were reminiscing about this over this Christmas so this and this morning I thought I’d see if Google would bring anything up and I came across this Youtube clip, where a modern day expert gamer was attempting to review some of these early games. This turned out to be one of the funniest clips we’ve seen in years as the reviewer gets increasing frustrated at being beaten by a thirty year old kids game. The language is terrible but without it just wouldn’t be so funny.



Bill :)

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