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New Poulton North Councillor Surgery Dates for 2013

Geoffrey Settle

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The 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month are this year's new Poulton North Councillor Surgery Dates for 2013.


Venues and times:


Padgate Library, Insall Road, Fearnhead Cross - 9:30 am - 10:30 am (1st Saturday)


Cinnamon Brow Farm Community Centre, Perth Close - 9:30 am - 10:30 am (3rd Saturday)


For more details about how to contact Individual Councillors see council Web Site 




N.b. the venues and dates above have not yet been updated on the web site hence the reason why I am posting this because today is the first date in the new surgery calendar!!


and this site for the things that I was up to last year



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Why desperate Pete - when I did my survey of 400 residents a large number told me and this is applied throughout Warrington and Douglas that they don't get enough information from councillors - some don't know who they are or what they do?


They are not all like you you know - well informed and savvy.... :P

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Who is Douglas ?


Anyway, regardless, nowt wrong in my opinion with councillors actually telling the residents who elected them what's going on and where in any way they can.  Just a shame more don't do in in a more personal way without people having to go online or google though. 


I always feel sorry for people who are not online or like you say 'savvy' Geoff as most people haven't got a clue what is going on anywhere and if they don't know what is going on or what to google they remain completely in the dark until it is often too late to say or do anything.  

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Thanks Geoff although I have no idea what the IOM has got to do with anything when it comes to local council stuff and why you were asking them too or maybe just quoting their findings.  Strange but then again it is late :lol:


PS .... and no I didn't give you the -red by the way  

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Not sure if my local elected official has a surgery. Do know that the footpaths in the street where he lives is nice and even and new as opposed the potholed death trap that is our footpath. Not that I am saying that there is anything amiss mind you. Can't have our elected officials off work due to trips and falls can we. :wink:  :ph34r: 

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Hi Evil you can look them up http://www.warrington.gov.uk/councillors and give them a bell or drop them an email/letter as ask them.


Dizzy it was part of my University of Chester MSc thesis entitled e21stCentury MSc researching how Warrington Councillors and Isle of Man MHK communicate with their constituents - I interviewed 200 residents from each Town.


I wanted to learn about the impact of electronic media and communications and see if they were changing how councillors got in touch with the public.  

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Simple answer Dizzy is mixed with the IOM slightly ahead but then that's probably as a result of their culture and technological investment in the Island as a whole, they've even joined the space race.


One of the main messages for me was that as communicators we need to be aware and be able to use all forms from face-to-face, surgeries, leaflets, telephone, email, Facebook, web sites, text and twitter and beyond.


There are so many forms available nowadays and different people have different preferences.


The traditionalists and those without access to technology prefer the face-to-face and telephone whilst those with access to technology i.e. those in business and the young prefer email and text. I believe that the research did show a technology divide which could be leaving certain groups behind and to therefore deliver information by electronic technology will not be received by all. As the transition by people to modern technology happens then this will be less of an issue.


This might seem obvious but talking to people and recoding the data from the interviews verified the above.


So I think that the bottom line is - if we think that communicating with elected members is hard it is getting harder for the members because they have to use an even greater number of ways to communicate their message.


Read into that what you may and then there are the difficulties that members face with what and how they communicate and the pit fall that swallow them up and spit them out.


My research was done in 2011 when there was lots going on of a global note – London riots etc and the use or misuse of the Blackberry – I was able to draw from my experiences on here and the issues that caused me and others (just as well there are administartors like you keeping a watch :oops: )…..so plenty of material to draw from :mrgreen: and best of all Archie thought that it was very good 8)

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