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Hannibal Rising

big ste

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I just finished 'Hannibal Rising' by Thomas Harris the other day, what an amazing book!

It tells the tale of infamous fictional serial killer/cannibal Hannibal Lecter, from The Silence Of The Lambs/Hannibal/Red Dragon, from when he was a child growing up in war-torn Europe up to being shipped off to Baltimore in America.

Along the way he becomes the youngest person to be entered into Medical School in France and has some bizarre phazed-out memories of his younger sister being eaten in front of him.


If you enjoyed Hannibal's other appearences in books and film, you'll probably enjoy this - it explains a few things about the character, his appreciation of art and also his appreciation of smells (remember the scene from Silence Of The Lambs where Clarice is smelt by Hannibal and he tells her what foundation or make-up she is wearing, or was it perfume... man, I need to dig it out and watch it again).


It took me a few weeks on and off to get into the first bit, but towards the end I was totally gripped.

So yeah, don't take my word for it - go buy it.


Or download it, which you can do these days (which is crazy).



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