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Kerb it!


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Gives them something to do I suppose. 


I wonder what H&S rules and training they have to follow as I once slices my finger on a retractable metal tape measure by pressing the retract button without carefully giodung the tape.  Blummin' hurt   I suspect they must have to use the old fashioned fabric sorts. 


And will they get training in bending down/standing up correctly so as not to injure their backs ? :lol:


Joking aside, anyone who parks over 19 inches away from a kerb clearly can't park and needs lessons as they would be sticking out into the road so serves them right


We have to parallel park all the time round here and we are never more than 4 inches (usually less) from the kerb regardless how small the gap is that we have to manage to squeeze into. 

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Mum and Dad get fed up of it maybe..... but I recon more often than not that youngsters need a car and a reliable form of transport themselves to hopefully get a job.  Many employers seem to favour those with their own transport and a driving licence these days. 

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