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Hitler Doesn't want to go to Hartlepool


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Hitler doesn't want to go on the Christmas Eve fancy dress party in Harllepool and if you have ever been there you would understand why!.

Warning this You Tube video contains very bad language, not advised for young children, ladies and those that faint easily!!!

Sorry! the link brings the video on to this page and I'm not prepared to do that.

If you wish to see it go to the You Tube site and type:-


'Hitler finds out that the Christmas night out is at Hartlepool'


in the search bar.

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Hartlepool....in my tender years i seem to remember football results where Hartlepool was mentioned ,but on a more serious note didn't the good burghers of Hartlepool administer capital punishment  on a monkey during the Napoleonic wars in the solemn belief that it was a French spy ?

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WD, yes, supposedly they hung a monkey that came ashore and the townspeople are still a bit touchy about the subject!. The video clip does mention that point


Peter, North Eastern folk are the 'Salt of the Earth' (not just because your father came from there), I spent a lot of time up there both in my childhood and later working for ICI, the people are as straight as a die and in my experience what you see is what you get and if you don't like it, then that's tough!. As I remember Hartlepool though, it was a very run down area with high unemployment as most of that coast was, but hopefully it has now changed for the better.

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It's amazing things that some people do though . Apparently there is a town not too far from here in Greater Manchester where a cow got its head caught in some fencing & the troubled farmer instead of sawing a piece out of the fence decided it was easier to cut the cow's head off.

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