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Why is my animated avatar not showing up now? It shows when I view my profile, but not on the forum posts!!


Why is my animated avatar not showing up now? It shows when I view my profile, but not on the forum posts!!

 Strange!! Two quotes?

Baz, Santa and the reindeer show on my PC. (At the bottom).

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Blummin' heck ... ITS XMAS EVE 'EVE' :P


Baz I mentioned avatars on the 'test topic' (well I think that's where I did it anyway but might have been 'announcements'.)


Right in short as my attempt to make home made chicken and sweetcorn soup is going a bit to pot now after 2 hours .... should have just gone to the local chinky and pretended I'd done it or made mince pies instead




Old forum


had two seperate areas so you could upload an avatar image (hosted remotely via photoshop etc if you wanted) AND you could also have a 'profile pic' (completely seperate and a different uploaded image)


Your profile pic showed when people viewed your profile


Your avatar (either static photo image or animated remote .gif )  showed against your actual posts.   For exmaple  your santa and his chimney Baz, my dizzy waving and spinning duck, Algy's frantiic sheep drowning in his  beer, Cleo's winking egyption and Wolfies ever watching watching wolf eyes and more .


New forum


There is no longer any seperate avatar upload image option it seems... only a profile pic option.


It would appear from what I have found out so far is that using 'remotely sourced' avatars and/or profile pics is not allowed but you can directly link to them and the IRL in your profile page and it will the COPY and  upload the pic  to Warr WW's database/server and it will be accessed from that copy rather than remotely.  (ALLEGIDELY !!!)


Yes size is an issue and they have to be less that 50 kb (maybe that can be changed though and I'll look) and my dizzy spinning duck was too large too so I created a new one at the allowed size and tried the suggested upload way and well it didn't work how I expected to be honest.


If you click my profile you will see my new little duck moving and my name spinning.... but against all my posts little ducky is just sat there and has gone to sleep.


I've searched the user support boards that (thanks to Gary :evil: ) I have access to all those and  I have just asked the question on there incase any other user geeks know a quick fix and failing that I will raise a support ticket  with the biggies.  I bet they hate me now but hey ... not to worry as they show up in your login and name Gary :lol:  :P   :lol:  


Not sure an answer (or solution if there is one) will get here before Santa comes tomorrow nigh Baz but at least you  signature Santa is still flying and working. Very festive and cheerfull and I like that :D  



Bugger I've not dribbled my egg whites into my big pan of soup.... gotta go  :shock:   Soz about all the probable typos :oops:  

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:lol:  :oops: ha ha I did it again... and that wasn't really short was it.  Gary... is there no way you can stop that happening ?


Hey my other half just came in and had a bowl full of my home made chicken and sweetcorn soup and said it  really good. Eurika I've finally found something I can do.... mmmn he had been out on the beer all night though again. 


Might try it on the teenager later and then you lot via Santa special delivery tomorrow night   8)  :lol:

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Oooh look.... I've now got an animated avatar.... I'm special :lol:


You can now have one too ... although I think it has to be less that 50kb in size.


If your old animated one was less than that size anyway YOU WILL HAVE TO UPLOAD IT AGAIN for it to be re-instated and work since I changed the forum setting.

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Yours was still there in your profile and your file size was already kk so I've manually saved and re-uploaded your santa for you (I'm nice I know)




I've put yours scarey growl face back too

I have noticed. thank you Miss Boffin. Give yourself a pat on the back. Well done you.

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