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Amendment 2 of the US Constitution.


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Blimey and scarey that people can own guns like that :shock: ..... although it did sort of look fun in a strange way :oops:


They seemed to just be randomly shooting rapid fire though so no skill in hitting targets or any competition and the likes, just a buz from using army type guns I guess. :unsure:

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These Neanderthals have a vote, so no surprise US politicians struggle to change things. The 2nd ammendment was written at the time of muzzle loaded rifles, needed for hunting or protection against Indian raids. It also allowed a Country with a relatively small Army to raise numbers of ready armed militia in times of need. The concept of "the right to bear arms" provided an ultimate counter by "the people" to any wannabee dictator taking over their Government, using the standing armed forces; bringing that concept into the 21st century, would allow the ownership of jets and tanks etc to counter the Government's arsenal - not really rational or practicable, although I'm sure it would get red neck support. Miltary style weapons (automatic & SEMI-automatic!), are designed for one purpose - to kill human beings, and in large numbers in a short space of time. The US may have no more "nutters" per capita than any other Western industrialised Country, and we've seen cases of such killings over here, but rarely on the scale of these US incidents, enabled by easy access to miltary grade weapons. The NRA supporters, argue that if everyone carried a weapon, shooters could be killed by the public; and some have even suggested arming teachers! The evidence of "shoot outs" even by the police, have shown high casualty rates by by-standers in the cross fire; so not really a rational solution. So the first step to sanity, would clearly be a ban on automatic (semi & fully!) weapons, with large capacity magazines, being accessed by the public. But judging from Algy's clip, that could be a long way off. :(

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