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Christmas is here again.


Christmas time is here again


With crackers and jokes of bad taste


There's relatives nobody's seen all year


And cards that are written in haste




Where frivolous dress is the standard


As at party we happily prance


And even the ugliest person on hand


Of a kiss has half of a chance




And the presents we buy for our loved ones


And of this it has got to be said


That for one day we all wear those jumpers


In what normally we would not be seen dead




We sing all the songs of the season


All the carols from long long ago


And we ooh and we aagh at the kiddies


As they play outside in the snow




After dinner we sit through the queens speech


And she tells us how things are for her


Of the times she has had and how proud of us all


But by then it is mostly a blur




All in all it is such a good time


And makes us forget all our woes


As we sit by a warm comfy fire


With our feet up toasting our toes




So to all have good merry Christmas


As soon you will probably hear


Well that’s christmas day over


Time to celebrate the new year.




Evil Sid 2012



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I loved Christmas as a kid but coming from a relatively poor working class family it was very different than it is these days. Most of the presents would normally fit into my pillowcase but I think that was the norm back then and often my main present was something that my dad had secretly made for me. Our tree was homemade and as I recall, its base would be always wrapped with the wrapper from last years Christmas cake!


Later when I had my own family, we’d always have a real tree and use the same fairy that my daughter made from sticky paper and a toilet roll. One year while dressing the tree, my wife noticed that a chocolate coin in golden foil had been packed away by mistake the previous year. This got known as the "poisonous penny" and it became a regular feature on the Green household tree until it was eventually eaten nearly twenty years later by one of the kids unsuspecting cousins. :shock::D


As Harry would say.. Happy days!


Bill :)

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Imagine a big snow covered house with light coming from windows and porch, green garlands decorating the outside of the house, a few white lights on a tree, a snowman with twiggy arms, the words in big gold letters - Merry Christmas Everyone at the bottom and that's what you would have seen if posting it was possible. OK? :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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Strange will not let me attach photobucket images but will let me add files from my pc provided they do not exceed the total max file limit of 500k. so you can add pictures but you may have to delete previous ones you yhave posted to make room for them. tried photobucket but says that the image extension is not available in this community. Does not give any indication of what image extension is allowed though. <_<

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Cleo, on the bottom line above where I am typing is a small green icon (image) click on this, a small window appears, insert the Direct link from photobucket Clk OK and the image should appear. Dont use the image code that we used to use it will not work.

Good Luck.

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