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2 settees - any one no anyone in need ?


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Thanks to Bill's generosity my dad now has two settees that are surplus to requirement.

Does anyone know anyone desperately in need of a couple of settess to put them on before they get chopped up and taken to the tip.

The local YMCA charity bods came to collect them this morning but they noticed a tiny little rip in the UNDERSIDE of one of the removable cushion seats so unfortunately they can't take them as apparently needy people will refuse them as often happens apparently and they will be stuck with them. :shock:

Both have fire safety labels and all cushion and arm covers are removable for washing.

Seems a shame to just chop them up and tip them although those horrible green cushions should be dumped IMO if my dads reading :lol:

* * pictures now removed by me * *

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Why? They got so big they can be selective now? :unsure:

St Roccos are definitely choosy as I know from experience!, not criticising though as in this day and age I'm sure they have good reasons, I do know they will not accept upholstery or beds that have fire labels missing for obvious reasons.

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Thanks Kevo. I put them on freecycle and sent pics to some who asked for them and someone has said they will collect tomorrow, although they haven't replied yet since I gave them my phone number to ring me for details of the actual address rather than emailing them the details (call me over secure and paranoid)


If they don't get back in touch or turn up we will try the St Josephs Family Centre like you suggest and will remember them for the future.

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