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Public Toilets


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Seems that the UK has spent 13% less on maintaining public toilets this year. Probably using a public toilet in the UK is becoming a health hazard. I can recall when we were in the UK I once needed to spend a penny when we were shopping in the town. So I popped into the toilets off Horsemarket Street. They were not in a sparkling condition even then with a bit of a whiff hanging in the air.

Coming out, I found Mohamed had disappead and assumed he had gone into the gents. He came out and took a deep breath of fresh air. "As bad as the ladies then?" I asked him. "They stink to high hell!" he replied.

Having read several letters regarding the state of the toilets at the bus interchange, I can only assume that public toilets have become attriocious.

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I don't ever use public toilets if I can avoid them, for the reason you state, Cleopatra. If necessary, I will go to a store where there is a restaurant as they always have toilets, usually in a much cleaner state. They are very necessary and you would think that an employment opportunity is being missed here to have a full time attendant/cleaner. Better and safer for the public, more people would use them, so bringing in a small charge (50p?)would seem a small price to pay!


At a small village in Lancashire, you had to pay 40p for a ticket before entering the premises but it was well worth it as it was a lovely building, very well appointed and everything was spotless.

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Happy days when most town centre public toilets employed two staff on shifts. (no jokes about holidays).



We went to Paris and couldn't understand the French conveniences (no yes;yes jokes) - we had heard that the doors sprang open after a certain time. So since then we have always used McDonald.s.


Happy days

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Tend to do most of my shopping in Widnes now and the public toilets there are spotless. Why is it that Widnes can provide free parking and have free clean public toilets, whereas Warrington provide neither. :unsure: :unsure:


They have probably got councillors who actually do what they were elected for rather than our lot who in the main haven't a clue.

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