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Racism in Los Angeles - CRASH


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My grandson is on a camping canoe trip on the Colorado River, which frees me to see a film or two or maybe read a book. Last year a friend of mine touted MILLION DOLLAR BABY as they best movie he'd seen in years. I appreciated the performances of all three main characters but couldn't get involved too deeply in a boxing story, especially with lady boxers.


That same screen writer, though, who won the best script award has now written, produced, and directed a drama set in Los Angeles on racism, poorly titled CRASH, and poorly photographed, mostly with night shots. I would like to say it's the best movie ever made, but I've seen too many great ones, so will just say it's the best ever drama in modern dress with a Los Angeles setting. It may never be shown in GB , Australia or in any foreign theaters, so I just want to say to those posters from USA that it is worth a look. It connects. I saw myself in two scenes not dealing with racism, but with the health service and was stunned at the recognition by a Hollywood film - someone playing ME!!! This evidently took about ten independent producers to fund, and it has a low budget look. Paul Haggis is the writer-director, born in Canada of English stock he says, despite the scottish appearing surname.

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