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Happy Birthday Kije......


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:lol::lol: You might have enjoyed it though :P


..... we share the same birthday; I just have never managed to add mine to the profile!


A naughty little xmas Elf appears to have added your Birthday for you Baz as it now shows up on the birthday list :wink:

(little elf is now going into hiding before big elf tells her off for meddling in the forbidden place)

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OMG what is happening here... is it a forum problem :lol:


Algy you said happy birthday to them on their actual birthday which was the 14th Dec (there were two topics I think) and now you are saying it again on the 26th.


Ahhh.. ignore that as I've just got it as I was typing....... 


They are both queens and they get TWO birthdays a year 8)  

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Morning all!, the start of a new day with a new attitude, I had a wonderful Christmas apart from the old stomach problem that had flared up and prevented me from enjoying the seasonal food and drink but touch wood feel much better this morning, no socks this year but plenty of nice useful pressies' from the family and can't wait to get out and about with the new camera. :)



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