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gary as you never seen him before


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Watch it Dizzy don't forget I have pictures of you and your dad!:twisted:


:lol::lol: Ahh but we were in disguise (although my dad often dresses up like that at weekends :lol:


PS.... I've got one of you chatting up some men dressed up as Roman centurians and I still have your Admin passwords :P

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Who put the one of the Elves up a few years back?


Me too (post date 22 December 2010 - 08:21 PM)


Blimey how two years have flown by though as it seems like only yesterday.


... mine (now I have been reminded) had Cameron, Blair and other 'leaders'.... any of course Gary too. I just found it on here but the link doesn't work now and but I think it was the dancing Elves or could have been the farting ones.


Nice to read back actually as good old Wingnut started the Greetings topic and then he was having a right giggle spending hours playing with his families pics on jib j.


I wonder where he went as I really do miss him and his sense of humour and funny tales.

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