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Mersey mackeral?


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obs, contrary to what Mr Eagles has informed us, Mallards do eat fish they will eat small fish such as fry and yearlings, regarding the Mersey there is a run of Salmon passing up the river every year, above Latchford weir most fresh water fish are present, so your suspicion that the river is cleaning up is correct. When I was a member of Warrington Anglers I used to fish it regularly. Regarding the Polish community they tend to eat carp much to the annoyance of our angling fraternity and I believe carp is traditionally served on Christmas day rather than turkey!. :)

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It's Christmas Eve when Carp is served. It is quite strange to go into Tescos in Poland and find containers of live Carp.


Ehy would the angling fraternity get upset because Polish eat Carp?


Because certain Polish individuals have been known to net angling club and commercial fishery waters and remove specimen carp to sell them on to the Polish fraternity, let it be known that I am not accusing Polish nationals of being dishonest, there are dishonest individuals in every race and creed.



I did disagree with Eagle on his statement, and I would never infer that he was an idiot!.


I was taught to always agree with idiots, not to do so may incite them to violence.


I am however, agreeing with you!!!!. :wink::D :grin:

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That is the difference between the ENGLISH fisherman and others. The ENGLISH fisherman like nothing better than sitting on the banks of a canal/pond/river freezing his maggots and waiting patiently for a nice big carp to get a grip on his bait. Spend ten minutes heaving away until he has got it to the bank and then let the fish go so that some other fellow angler can have the same pleasure. others may do similar but then knock the fish on the head and take it home for a nice fish supper. :|:mrgreen:

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I’ve never fully understood how salmon manage to use the salmon ladder to get round the wears while mackerel can’t. It must be some sort of instinct thing because mackerel aren’t quite as stupid as most people think. In fact a mackerels IQ index is nearly three points higher than most salmon but then again that depends on which school they came from. :(


I think mallards might well eat fish because something’s certainly had all the mackerel out of this story. :lol:



Bill :)

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