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coke gang pay back ill-gotten gains......not!


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The drugs gang who flooded Warrington with cocaine have been made to pay back their gains.

A made £655,894 and paid back £1,407

B made £755,410 & paid back £910

C made £2,601 & paid back £500

D made £29,823 & paid back £6,319

E made £1,600 & paid back £223

and wait for it.............

F made £10,755 & paid back a whole £35

The police said that this should serve as a warning to other drug traffickers that crime doesn't pay.

To be fair they also said that these men will owe the remaining money for the rest of their lives until they repay it.

So we can presume that when they are released they will all get jobs so that they can repay this money :roll:

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If they have wives, girlfriends or children living in properties that do not have the defendants name attached, they can't touch it. These kinds of people just put everything into someone elses name and get away with it




They should be able to check how the spouses and kids are affording wjhere they live and if they refuse to co-operate or if there is no obvious signs of legal income.... they should be evicted and the houses, cars and anything else sold to pay for the crimes of their partners.... after all, I'm sure they were living the high life when the illegal cash was flowing in

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Perhaps that could be a means test.

Anyone who can buy a house for cash should be investigated.

Anyone paying an expensive mortgage, should be able to show where the money comes from to pay the mortgage.


Starting in Whitehall. :D


This used to happen in East Germany and communist Poland, if you bought anything substantial like property or a car (a Fiat 126 or a Lada :P ) you had to prove were the money came from

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