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Funny captions needed PLEASE


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OK I need as many funny captions as possible for this picture please. I'm relying on all your excellent senses of humour and witt :D




I will put my tin hat on and point the two unsuspecting people in the photo in this direction once we've got enough :wink::lol: I wonder if they will still send me a xmas card after this :lol:


here's the original full new article on the latest floods in Worcestershire http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/uk/article3609910.ece for copyright reasons

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on you're marks.... get set..... DOGGY PADDLE !!


Edit by Dizzy... I'd just like to say that my son pushed me out of the way and typed that and hit submit.... :lol:

Edited by Dizzy
I was hacked in a forceful way ha ha
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Blimey Cleo you are on a roll... love it and all those appeared as I was typing my earlier reply after being 'hacked' hence this edit too.


So far so good and all are soooooooo very funny from everyone... :D


please keep them coming as they will be so cross with me :lol:

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