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Peter O'Toole's VENUS


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It isn't a pretty sight -- geezer lusting over young female flesh. O'Toole has never been a favorite of mine - although I give him his due for The Ruling Class, Becket, ... I just never cottoned to drunken actors supposed to be charming. And I was disgusted when my favorite aunt fell in love with him in Becket, switching her alligience from Burton. But that's not important. Should he win the award for best actor, it might be for playing himself in this film. Didn't care for the casting but it was a brilliant script. Has some fun moments. Some charm.

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I believe the smart money is on either O'Toole or Whitaker. Haven't seen Idi Amin yet, and haven't seen the QUEEN, because I find the event of Aug.30'97 completely tedious and uninteresting. The pictures of Mirren, though, look fantastic and I will see it when it is for free on television.


I remember that date in '97 because that was the day I returned to American soil after a year abroad and news people were in a frenzy.

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