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Dog and Dart pub

harry hayes

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I'm sure there was a topic which mentioned it on here Harry but I can't find it.


It stuck in my mind because at the time I thought the Dog and Dart was where the new flats are (which of course it was) but then I'm sure Algy? mentioned the original Dog and Dart which stood at the crossroads where the Springbrook now is.

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I've found the topic Harry but unfortuately the photo is no longer visible (but Algy will still have it as he just that he likes to have a tidy up of his onlines pictures every now and again which makes them all disapear from his posts on the forum)


The topic is here....





and the actual posts relating to the Dog and Dart after I asked are:


Dizz, the original Dog & Dart as appears in these photos was where the Spring Brook is now, except the radius of the bend from Knutsford road to Stockport Rd. was much sharper then with the old Dog & Dart close up to the road and when there were traffic accidents, as there often were, the front wall of the public bar wall had been smashed into many times, Cheshire county Council decide to increase the curve of the bend so Greenalls had to demolish the pub and instead of rebuilding it on the same site they elected to build it on what was at the time waste ground on the corner of Bradshaw Lane where the new apartments are. Locally the old Dog & Dart was known to be a dockside pub as it was the nearest pub to Latchford Locks and when ships moored up for the night the sailors used to head straight for the pub.


Quite correct Algy, the Dog and Dart was right on the corner of the main Knutsford Rd / Thelwall intersection. As I previously said, i lived down the road at Bellhouse Lane and during my recuperation from a motorcycle accident, I used to walk there on crutches with my father for a pint and a game of snooker - that would have been 1959.


Here goes my weird memory again, I'm sure that the trffic lights were working while the pub was still open. After the motorcycle accident, I bought an old car (1932) which took it's final breath a few weeks later while sat at the red light there - had to be towed away.


Over to you Algy (the pics were the 3rd and 4th ones from the end of your image list :D:wink:

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The one roughly where the Springbrook is today. When did it close/get knocked down. Any photo of premises.

One of the family is chasing details.


Happy days


Harry I have sent you a PM.


Harry, as I'm sure you do, I remember the old 'Dog & Dart' vividly, I lived in Springfield Avenue when we first came to Grappenhall in 1962 and as a young chap I would often walk round for a pint. I can't be precise but I would say it was demolished sometime in 1966, the pub was a favourite with foreign seaman when their ships were tied up for the night at Latchford Locks as it was their nearest pub and we could hear them singing as they walked back to the locks late at night. I think the last Landlord was 'Pudge' Beswick who moved to the Imperial in Bewsey Road. The reason that Greenalls gave for knocking the old Dog down was that it was too close to the road junction and in all fairness the wall had been hit by vehicles a few times, I remember there was uproar in the area but they still went ahead and demolished only to build the 'new' Dog in Bradshaw Lane which didn't have a tap room.

I'm afraid I don't have any late photos of the pub but these should give your son some appreciation of what it looked like.




Decked out in bunting for King George V and Queen Mary's Jubilee in 1935.



The small single story building was the old Toll house.



Cropped and enlarged view of the previous picture.GrappenhallTheOldDogDartpub.jpg


A very early view looking from the front of the Dog & Dart, Stockport Road to the left with Knutsford Road branching off to the right.



An 1874 map showing the area around the Dog & Dart.



The same area in 1965, Bradshaw Lane school was built in 1966 and the new Dog & Dart was built about the same time, so I think we can safely say the old pub would have been demolished at the latest 1966.



An early watercolour painting of the Toll House on Knutsford Road by the Dog and Dart depicting the toll collector Mrs Shakeshaft waiting for payment from the driver of the cart approaching from the direction of Warrington, Mrs Shakeshaft was an ancestor of my son in law.


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