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Police Dummies.


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Are recruits not taking intelligence tests when applying to join the police force?

In Hartlepool an officer called for support and scrambled a police helicopter when he spotted what he thought was a lookout standing on top of a heap of scrap in a scrap metal yard, bearing in mind that there had been thefts from scarpyards in the area. Turned out it was a scarecrow that the scrapyard owner had placed there as a deterrent to would be burglers.


That's not all.... Come here, there's more. :lol:


In Shropshire two officers were on their way home after a night shift when they got a call from an off duty sergeant who spotted a pensioner with a walking stick struggling against a violent storm in a feild. They went to the rescue only to find it was another scarecrow. Apparantly they were not pleased when they called into HO. They said they were going home and left a message for the sergeant to visit Spec Savers.

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