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Tracey Bennett

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Oh, fgs, why did only one of them show up??


They are all showing now Tracey :wink: I edited your post for you (hope you don't mind). All that was wrong was that they were missing the code [*img] and [*/img] before and after each of your other pic links. 1st one was fine.


WITHOUT THE * as that's the only way I could get it to be visible on my post

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See above Tracey. I just screen dumped mine.


When you've uploaded your pics to photobucket if you scroll over them you will see a box that appears with various codes in depending on how you want to share them. Click in the bottom box called 'IMG Code' and it will say 'copied'.


Have your forum topic/post open in another browser window and go to your forum post and 'paste' that code in. Or you can paste it into a word doc if it's something you are not quite ready to post.


It will automatically copy the bracketed [ ] IMG and /IMG with it. I think you 'may' have clicked in one of the other box options for your second 2 pics


Anyway..... You have to do it individually for each pic as each will have a different code.

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