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I'm a Celebrity


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Is it right and proper that Nadine Dorries MP should take upto a month leave from her duties as a representative in parliament for Mid Bedfordshire (leaving Mid Bedfordshire without representation in the house for the duration) to take part in 'I'm a celebrity get me ut of here'? In doing so not only will she be neglecting her duties to her constituents but she will also miss the voting on the EU budget and the chancellor's mini budget. Further to that, is she not showing a lack of judgement by taking part in the program, that is beneath the status of a member of parliament and the standards expected of her? Should she be told to resign her postion as an mp or be pushed out by her party executives/consituents?

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Hey don't knock her as it might be the only way she can get her constituents attention so they recognose her name and face in future :lol:


I'd definately watch "I'm a Celeb (well not really I'm just an MP but they couldn't get anyone else to sign up" if any of our local MP's or councillors were on it :wink::D

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Of course they already know who she is so what's twitter got to do with it as you posted her name earlier today Cleo :lol:


Seems she's been suspended now but had to laugh at one of her comments where she said "I'm doing the show because 16 million people watch it. Rather than MPs talking to other MPs about issues in Parliament, I think MPs should be going to where people go,"


Going where people go ?? No 'normal' people do not go to a pretend jungle for weeks eating grubs, testicles and goodness knows what else including getting covered in slime filled creepy crawlies. It's not real, you aren't risking your life as it's all staged fun.


Must be a laugh though :lol:


Celebs/People who go on it are apparently paid anyway so how much is she getting for her jolly?


So..... if she really does want to do it how about she just takes a few weeks unpaid leave (and no need to be suspended) and then donates any money she receives for appearing on the show to a local charity or other worthy cause in her constituency.


She gets to be in the tv limelight and others benefit from it (something that can't often be said for the 'work' MP's do) <_<

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