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Here's the link for the move to weekly collections - https://remote.warrington.gov.uk/news/article/557/,DanaInfo=www.warrington.gov.uk+making_the_move_to_alternate_weekly_collections


Reads as follows:


Published Tuesday, 8th January 2013

A CONSULTATION has started for residents to have their say on how alternate weekly bin collections should be launched in the town.

The council’s executive board made the decision to move to alternate weekly collections in December and the change will come into affect from April 2013.

The move is part of a plan to increase recycling in the town and, as well as making collection days easier to remember, it will save £1million each year.

Residents with any fears, concerns, or questions about the move to alternate weekly bin collections are encouraged to use this consultation period to share these things with the council. The feedback received will help us plan how to go ahead with the changes and will give us an idea of what we can do to help you recycle and reduce waste.

If you complete the ‘Make the move’ questionnaire, there will be chance to share your views on the move and let us know what support you may need with the changes to the waste collection service.

Cllr David Keane, executive board member for environment and public protection, said: “We’re making the move so we can make the recycling rate even better in the town and there’s no doubt it will have positive benefits on the environment but we understand residents will have concerns going forward. We want to urge people to share their views with us and complete the questionnaire so we can get an understanding of how we can support you through the changes.”

The questionnaire can be completed online here https://remote.warrington.gov.uk/info/200883/,DanaInfo=www.warrington.gov.uk+fortnightly_waste_collections

NB:The above doesn't work the way I did it but use Dizzy's that follows in the next post: :oops: - phew Dizzy to the rescue again :P

The consultation document is available to read online and hard copies can be found in local libraries and the council’s contact centres.

The closing date for responses is Friday 1 February

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Your link to the questionnaire doesn't work Geoff as it required a remote username and login account 8)


For anyone who wants to read about the changes or to complete the online questionaire (or print of a pdf of it) 


See here on the councils website.... NO NEED TO LOG IN



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OK so is it just me ?!?
The council's 'public survey' over fortnightly bin collections closed end of day Friday 1st February 2013. (4 days ago)....Saturday and Sunday are non working days.
Today is Tuesday 5th and THIS has just been hand delivered through my door.
Decision had already been made it seems regardless of opinion.

Sorry about the quality but I took a photo of it rather than scanning

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Of course it had already been decided. The survey was just a box ticking excercise to fool the people into believing they were being given an opportunity to object. Even if the majority of people said they wanted collections to remain weekly the council would say the majority were in favour of fortnightly collections. Same will apply to any future surveys - resuts will always be in favour of the council's proposals even if they are not. See how your council thinks you are all fools? :wink:

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I had that leaflet on Friday Dizzy.... dropped off by some council employees in hi-viz jackets (It isn't safe to walk the streets without them now you know)


So, the lying cheating coniving councillors have had their way again..... looks like Steve Parish may get some extra bags on his lawn after all!! :lol:

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I received the one regarding green bins. Alas, I don't have a green bin. Still, money to burn I suppose.

Only your green???


Didn't yours mention the new black/blue fortnightly on the reverse side Peter.


The one I got was bouble sided.

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I got home from my ship on 28th January and this leaflet had already been delivered, so you are near the back of the queue Dizzy, unless they are delivering in alphabetical order (Penketh comes before Stockton Heath?)

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