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The Bins


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So what do you know about his expenses, as you are accusing him of feathering his own nest?


Your beginning to sound like Obs, with your nome calling <_<


Is there something wrong with you kije or do you just get a kick out of being argumentive. I will repeat - I DID NOT/AM NOT ACCUSING THE REVERAND OF FEATHERING HIS OWN NEST. You really must read and re-read, my posts - with an open mind next time. Nowhere have I accused the Rev., personally of anything.


And I do believe that I have seen you doing more than your fair share of name calling. But, having said that, I don't believe I have called you any name other than your own - YET! :wink:

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Maybe like you say Borris could enlighten us a bit more.


The whisper comes from an individual whose business is associated with the bin collection system. He is advise to anticipate having to change his schedules and systems to accommodate the change in frequency of bin collections.


WBC has to make changes to save money. Basic refuse collection should be a core activity. The Council is too big, too many people in Departments doing non-core activities. Get rid of a few Departments, In the real World that's what happens.Big cutbacks, big savings.


Incidentally perhaps SP can tell us how many jobs have gone at WBC ? I hope they include the full time Union officials on the payroll..

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I notice the councillor didn't post again..... typical, runaway and hide when the questions get too tough


Cut the top salaries and cut the councillors and their allowances and expenses I say.... looks like my rubbish is heading for Steves front lawn!!:D

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Thought Eric Pickles was promoting WEEKLY collections, and has encouraged it with some Gov funding? :unsure: But perhaps some attention to the bigger picture might help? EG Why do we produce so much waste? What could be done to reduce it? Next week our bins will be over flowing with Xmas wrapping paper, uneaten food etc. Normally, most products are heavily packaged nowadays - so could efforts be made to reduce it? Two or three for one offers in s/markets, encourage excess purchase, without the necessary consumption - thus food waste. Do we maximise our food use - EG Turkey on Xmas day, cold turkey Boxing Day and Turkey soup the day after? :unsure:

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In reply to your post "let's get real"


Let's really 'get real' Steve! As you've probably realised from some of the replies to your post the Warrington electorate are not the brainless masses that you politicians seem to think they are.


[b]Cutting the waffle;-[/b]


"WBC have to save £50m over three years,"

WBC will be receiving less money from central Govt and will have £16666666 per year for the next three years than they had previously hoped/budgeted for.


"....so all sorts of services will have to be looked at - discretionary school transport, etc."

So WBC have decided that they will make up the shortfall by cutting basic public services.


"Just one council has applied for the Pickles money to go back to weekly from fortnightly collections - the money was only available to councils for three years but they have to sign up to weekly collections for five years to get it."

Govt money to subsidise weekly refuse collections was only available as a 5 for 2 offer, and WBC didn't even want to pay that because they've got some pet projects they'd rather spend the money on, which is what most other council's are doing anyway - so why not eh?


"But never mind the cuts"

'Move on' folks, we're not even going to discuss it so stop whinging and put up with it.


"- I'm not sure you can really expect to be good at recycling (as Warrington is) but carry on sending the bin wagon round as often for the rest."

Can't you idiots see that we have enough to do publicising the 'Greatness of Warrington' (and of course ourselves as the people who are making it great) so losing the odd bin round, or any of your mundane public services is of no consequence whatever.


A couple of quotes: John Skidmore, at the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management: "For me, it underlines the fact that the government's thinking on this front is out of line and out of date."


Gavin Shuker, Labour's shadow minister for waste: "Local authorities have voted with their feet. They realise we must cut down on waste, not encourage it. We need a proper plan to become a zero-waste economy, not policy-making on the hoof."


Just a couple of quotes to try to baffle you with 'blue sky' baloney

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It’s not started here yet but I’m already sick to death of it. Both our bins are normally always full because the family brings their excess waste that wont fit in their bins. (They live in fortnightly areas.) Worse still, she puts bin sacks of crap in the back of my car that either spills out or gets forgotten about and then stinks the car out.


If that Mr Keane or any of the other self righteous do as I do brigade want to try and lecture my wife on shopping and cooking just so that it suites their plans, then they’d better come wearing protective gear and bloody good earplugs.


Bill :)

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Maybe the Jones woman would have something to say about it? she has on most unimportant things so this must class as a biggie!!


Jonesie was banging away in Parliament the other day about making sure the UK hit the target for giving 0.7 of our entire Gross National Income away in overseas aid next year.

The girl's throwing the big money away, I doubt her head's full of bins these days!

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