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Interesting series on TV, about various UK produced foods, and how we arn't buying/eating them. EG: brown or pink shrimps, fished in King's Lynn, are apparently exported to Holland, where they are re-exported to Morocco for pealing, then back to Holland, to be consumed mainly in Belgium. Sometimes, tons of shrimp have to be dumped due to lack of demand, whilst our S/markets are importing them from Thailand and Brazil. Crazy and by any standard, hardly carbon neutral. :mellow:

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very ingenious those Moroccans dry.gif


You see they way they are paid for removing the carapace is that they get so much for a hundred. counting them is difficult when you have a hundred employees all with differing rates of removal. So to make it so there are less disputes about who has removed the most they have the bell system.


They use water to shoot the fleshy parts out of the shell. This flies across the small area and activates a small bell and signals to the overseer that the job has been done. One overseer to each ten employees and one bell set to each overseer. This method has been modernised somewhat due to the introduction of computerised counting methods doing away with the need for the overseers and the bells in favour of a pressure and light pad that registers the completion of shelling.


But as is always the tradition not to rename anything it is still known as the bell system and the removal of the carapace as pealing. So now you know :twisted:

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It was a good programme Obs, I watched the first part about shrimps.


We often used to have shrimps years ago and it used to be fun peeling them. As for potted shrimps and shrimp paste both were absolutely delicious.


Might go out and get some now (if I can find any British ones) as my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

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Don't think you do. :roll: Well you missed the second part of the prog Diz; dealing with duck: apparently there's only one farm left in the Country that still breeds the famous "Alesbury Duck". There were some usefull tips on preparing roast duck, which I'll be trying this week-end. :wink:

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I went to Morrisons at 5pm tonight and asked the fishmonger if they had any potted shrimps, he said 'No'. I asked how about 'just shrimps then' and again he said 'No'.


Apparently they had loads this morning but had sold out completely. Maybe the TV programme is working already :wink:


I did ask if he thought it was because of the TV programe and he just looked blankly at me so maybe not :unsure::lol:

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I now know why people don't buy or eat potted shrimps anymore. It's the price !!


I finally got some tonight Obs from Morrisons.


I have a teeny weeny little pot of 'potted brown shrimps in butter' which cost me £2.57 (or was it £2.59 DAMN I've forgotten but wont worry about 2p) :shock:


The pot is 6cm diameter by 3cm high containing 57g (I'm not sure if it is full to the top as I'm not opening it until tomorrow at that price incase they go off).


They are 'Morecambe Bay brown potted shrimps in butter' from the fresh fridges in the store but the pot doesn't really say much else apart from 'previously frozen DO NOT re-freeze'. It has UK KL007 EC on it but no mention of where they were distributed from or potted.


I'll count the shrimps tomorrow and might even take some pics for memories sake and upload them for you Obs :wink::lol:


...and I shall enjoy every little mouthfull as at that price for such a tiny pot I sadly wont be buying them again. :cry:

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