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Doctors appointments


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Re Dr appointments

Penketh have a brilliant system where you can't make an appointment further than 24 hours

i.e. at 08:30 you ring up (or log in on their internet appointment site) for today's appointments only, so all urgent calls are catered for.

On the internet, you can choose your doctor and whichever available time slot you want. There are a few slots open for further than 24 hours in case you can't make today but not many as they are mostly reserved for today.

This system has greatly reduced the missed appts which are common in surgeries from patients who have either forgotten the appt or have got better because of the long wait and not cancelled.

Other surgeries should be looking at this system as it is working.

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I hope you get rid of the wax Bill. Might be worth getting a flu jab too while your at the docs :) get better soon!


Restar, my doctors do a similar thing. 8.30 for same day appointments and 11am for bookings later in the week. Only problem is, if your problem isn't urgent, then you will get seen the week after. The other problem is, who determines whether the urgent cases are 'urgent'?

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Now don’t laugh at this but earwax was my first thought and I’ve been using Otex for the last couple of weeks but I’ve been putting it in the wrong ear. :oops:


My right ear has been problematic since a minor operation about five years ago and for whatever reason it does tend to get excess wax in it. For anyone who’s never used Otex, it’s like having a bowl of snap crackle and pop in there as it works to desolve the wax. My right ear was doing this but the left ear on the other hand was stony silent so I assumed there was no wax but it was the fact that it was so blocked I couldn’t hear it working.


So two days of drops in the correct ear and now I’ve only got a football crowd in my head and feeling slightly less dizzy.


Bill :)

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