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Hospital Parking....


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Just read on the news pages that the hospital is to ban staff from parking on the main car park but there is no mention of where they are expected to park..... when you think that a large majority of the workers there are female, surely the trust should provide them with priority parking; especially if they are working on an early shift (when it is pitch black at this time of year) or on the night shift?


It also states that the charges are not increasing and that blue badge holders can continue to park for free.... why don't blue badge holders have to pay like everyone else? They already get free cars in a lot of cases and free or negligable insurance too

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Staff who are on site all, or most, of the day shouldn't be allowed to park onsite at all. The hospital could quite easily provide secure offsite parking with a shuttle bus at shift change times.


same could be said for visitors Inky... there are at least 8 or 10 buses an hour passing the hospital that visitors could use and the the last thing staff need after a 12 hour night shift is to wait for stragglers and then faff about travelling in the opposite direction to where they live to pick up a car....

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I would have thought the answer is to build another Meccano car park like they did around the back of the hospital.


Maybe there is also some opportunity to take some clinics off site, after all there is the new Jubilee center, soon to open the center were the old baths were and I am sure there are many other facilities around Warrington.


Wonder how much admin is carried out on site that could be done some place else.

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