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Live broadcast from Halliwell Jones today!!


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Okay cheers Gary, we're trying to raise Perth by phone and on Skype to let his nibs know and I've sent him a link to the site.


Just spoken to him and he's off to bed as it's an early start tomorrow when they are going to Rottness Island probably for a bit of surfingRottness Island - things to do when you get there


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Sounds like he missed a good match


Warrington 30-14 Huddersfield


Warrington: (12) 30

Tries: Briers, Hicks 2, Gleeson, Bracek

Goals: Briers 5


Huddersfield: (8) 14

Tries: Gorrell, Pelo, Carlaw, Mounis

Goals: Cudjoe 2, Hemingway


Warrington winger Chris Hicks maintained his record of scoring in every game this season as he helped his side to hard-fought victory.


Hicks touched down twice to make it 10 tries in seven games becoming the first player in Warrington's history to score in each of the first seven fixtures.


The Australian scored in each half and also helped create scores for Lee Briers and centre Martin Gleeson.


Warrington's victory sees them climb to second in the Super League table.



and all he has is another sunny day to look forward to. I couldn't get near the PC to listen to you Gaz as Mrs G was catching up with work. Hope all went well and you sorted out the gear. :wink:
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