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White Stick Or Samurai Sword?


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Could you tell the difference between a blind person's white stick and a samurai sword? Apparantly a police officer in Chorley couldn't tell the difference when he tasered a blind stroke victim in the back with a 50,000 volt taser.

The officer was supposedly responding to a report of a man running amok with a samurai sword. The 62 year old man he tasered was blind and walking slowly because of his health condition. When tazered, he fell to the ground, dropping his white stick but cuffs were still put on him until they saw the stick and realised their mistake.

Can you possibly imagine the ordeal that the man was going through when after hearing shouting but not realising it was directed at him, an electric charge from the stun gun shooting through his body then being pounced on and handcuffed?

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You couldn't make it up.

Is the rule these days that they shoot first and ask questions later?? This type of thing is happening to often these days.


A stick is a stick. Nothing like a samurai sword. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Y'aint seen nutt'n yet! Peter, wait until we get these localised Police Commissioners putting their amature two penneth in, we will be feared of sneezing in public without getting arrested. :roll:

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This was on the news a few days back and it absolutely beggars belief how an old blind man, who could hardly walk, could be confused for a raving maniac waving a samurai sword. Even after they’d taken him to ground, it must have been glaringly obvious that he was old and so why the hell did they forcibly cuff him?


I have a degree of sympathy for the difficult job they do but there’s no excuse for mistakes like this and the officer that did it shouldn’t be suspended, he should be bloody well thrown out of the force.


Bill :)

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