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Police and Crime Commissioner


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I believe this exercise is a futile waste of money. The so called chief of cops is to be supported by a "panel"


Guess who is on the panel?



No other than councillors and odd jobs just as on the police authority ... none voted for - purely chosen as friends and family no doubt.

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Another scam no wonder there is no belief in police or government.

What a farce.


Ex-police chairman back in harness

Published Today 7:00 am

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by John Hendon

THE last chairman of the now defunct Cheshire Police Authority has been appointed to serve as deputy police and crime commissioner for the county.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer said: "I am delighted that the Police and Crime Panel has confirmed my proposal to appoint Margaret Ollerenshaw as my deputy.

"I said during my pre-election campaign that I would wait to see whether I would need to appoint a deputy until I was elected. It quickly became clear to me that in order to perform my duties effectively I would need a second in command. Margaret Ollerenshaw was the obvious choice as she has the breadth and depth of experience and has the respect and support of other leaders in Cheshire.

"This is a 12-month appointment to enable me to fully understand the scope of this new and challenging role and to see how the Government's proposals for the role continue to evolve."

Mr Dwyer said Ms Ollerenshaw had a proven track record and good experience of business management in the private sector.

She also had considerable experience of the criminal justice system through her time as a magistrate and as a member of chairman of the police authority.

"She has demonstrated her ability to effectively scrutinise and challenge and clearly has the qualities necessary to support me in ensuring both the delivery of an efficient and effective policing service; and continuous improvement in services and performance.

"Her skills, knowledge and experience will be invaluable in the transition from the police authority model to the new way of working, which I am already introducing."

Ms Ollerenshaw said: "I enjoy working with the police and in criminal justice as I know it can make a real difference to people's lives. I am looking forward to assisting the Commissioner in delivering his Police and Crime Plan and ensuring the services delivered to the public best meet their needs and continue to improve."

The deputy commissioner will have a salary of £22,500, based on 30 per cent of the commissioner's salary and will work on average three days a week

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