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All's well that ends well!


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Like I said, the man was not in his right mind so unless you are a trick cyclist you don't know how he was thinking. Perhaps he was not doing it as an exhibitionist, perhaps there was a battle going on in his mind at the time - good resisting evil intentions and all that. :roll:

And if you watched the video close enough you would have seen the look of anguished despair on his facen not the pleasure of being the focus of attention. :huh:

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Not an Obsession, it is just that the crassness of his posts attracts my derision, there were two out of two in this thread. Most posters with nothing to say about a subject don't join in but Obs never misses an opportunity to show us how smart he thinks he is:-


"Wonder if the shot him afterwards, for wasting Police time?!


Exibitionists are just that; real suicides just get on with it - discreetly"



Only a total gobbin could post such tripe on a thread about a young chap obviously distressed contemplating taking his child's life along with his own.

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