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Leeds 32 - Wire 12


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Alot has been said about our performance on Friday night on other boards, but I for one felt quietly encouraged by our performance under difficult circumstances.


In the 1st half we played very well and squandered a couple of good opportunities to score tries (King & L Anderson messing up). We had a very weak bench which meant players tired towards the end of the game and I think Reardon going off injuried just after half time turned the game for me. Riley may be keen and enthusiastic, but he's just not shown Super League ability in my book - he was at fault for Donald's 2nd try when he was on the wing, and when he moved to full back had 2 bombs to deal with and fluffed each one!


Morley & Rau played well again, and even though Morley was "creamed" by a massive hit from Bailey, he managed to retain the ball and simply got up and played on. His last gasp tackle of Tansey was nothing short of superb (probably the best cover tackle I've ever seen a prop make and you could see the real determination on his face to catch him), but unfortunately Tansey passed (in my opinion after the tackle was completed) to Burrows, who somehow forced his way over.


Monnas played better, but I still think he struggles to move the team around the park without Briers. At times I think he was just trying too hard.


Overall, a far better performance than the last couple of weeks, and hopefully a decent win against Leigh will restore some confidence and then bring on Saints!

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I didn't go so can't comment on how well or badly they played. We are now starting to be *plucky* Warrington if we can keep the likes of Leeds down to less than a cricket score when with the international players Warrington have got they should be competing and yes, beating them. You're right about the bench,it's woefully short on genuine class. We want these youngsters to be quality players when they pull on the P&B but with the best will in the world they are only average at best.

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