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Stupid or what?


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Went to a supermarket yesterday and bought a hot ready cooked chicken. The price was £5.28.


The woman on the counter said 'wait until I come round and place it on the table behind you'


I did as she asked, and she changed the price to £4.40 :mellow:


The tax had been knocked off as it was no longer regarded as 'hot' :rolleyes:

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It's okay Wolfe. I go to a certain coffee establishment and ask them to wrap my cake to take out and ask for my drink 'in' to save on tax. I even bring my own cup sometimes too save another 25p....if the cup is large, then they tend to fill it to the top, thus giving me more coffee for free.


The best bit is making up funny and hard to spell names when they ask for it so they cam stick it on the side of the cup....It's the small things in life that count.

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