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To help celebrate the 100th edition of warrington-worldwide magazine Warrington Wolves have kindly donated a signed shirt which can be won by one lucky reader.

To ensure the shirt goes to a deserving fan warrington-worldwide would like to donate the shirt to a dedicated supporter.

For a chance to win the shirt post here, in no more than 150 words, why you, or the person you are nominating, deserves to win the shirt.

Alternatively send your entry on a post card to Wolves Shirt Competition,


New Media Centre,

Old Road, Warrington

WA1 4AT.

The lucky winner will be presented with their prize at the Halliwell Jones and if available by one of their heroes.

The closing date for entries is February 7.

The Editor's decision will be final.


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Hi - I would like to nominate my grandson Reece who this year has his first season ticket to watch Warrinton Wolves. Reece is four years old and has been to many matches in the last season with both his dad and grandad who are season ticket holders.

Reece loves his days out at the Halliwell Jones Stadium and his favourite part of the day is seeing Wolfie(and the Wolves scoring of course). He often sings the Rugby songs when in the back of my car the most recent one he learnt after his visit to Salford.

I'm sure this year will be the first of many as a season ticket holder and to win the signed shirt and meet a player would be a wonderful memento of this year. :bow:

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hi i would like to win the signed warrington wolves shirt please because i have been a loyal warrington wolves fan who has owned a season ticket in the north stand for the last 2 and a half years now,and i have followed my warrington wolves team experiencing all the highs and lows and thrills of a rugby league season! i always travel home and away to watch warrington with my best friend simon and his mum and dad, and winning this signed shirt would mean a lot to me and meeting a wolves player would be truly honourable, here is to a another great year with warrington wolves and im certain to get a season ticket again next year! thankyou gary for this great oppurtunity! :bow:

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Hi, I would love to win the Wolves top as I am a huge Wolves fan. I played there 4 times before their matches at junior school and love going to watch the games when I can.


My Mum bought me last seasons black away top for Christmas (durh) but I would love so much to have a signed Warrington Wolves top as I would treasure it and wear it when I am allowed to go watch the Wolves play. When I go to matches I love to sing the songs with the crowd and cheer on the team I love. I have loads of Wolves merchandise in my bedroom and I would just love it so much if I could top it all off with a signed Warrington Wolves top. I am saving up to buy my own season ticket too.


PLEASE choose me to win the signed top!!!!!!!!!


[ 03.02.2008, 20:38: Message edited by: Adam O ]

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Keith R, Wolfie and JayC


Stop being so mean you lot :P ... there are kids wanting to win the shirt too ... you'll be upsetting them all :P


Gary.. any chance of a competition to win a squeeze and a picture of Danny Lima's legs and biceps instead 8)

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Damn.. not another dishy one gone :(


Don't know the first thing about Rugby and have only ever watched about 7 of their games live and hadn't a blummin' clue what they were doing....


....which is how my obsession with their legs started and why I'm not allowed to go anymore :D

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I think i should get the shirt because i have never seen Warrington play and i have no idea who the players are and getting to meet any of the players would mean they might well get another supporter...



ps i dont have a chance in hell of winning anyway but.... :D


[ 06.02.2008, 18:04: Message edited by: Steve the original ]

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