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America Knows


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America knows how to punish criminals and perhaps this is one instance in which Britain should follow their lead.

A 23 year old Dallas mother has been handed a 99 years prison sentence for cruelty to her 2 year old daughter.

Frustrated during potty training the woman kicked and beat the baby (and at 2years old she is still a baby) then superglued her hands to a wall of their apartment.

Maybe someone should superglue her hands to a wall in her cell then leave her there to either rip the skin off her hands freeing herself or, more preferably, rot away. :angry:

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They have a far better attitude in the States. It's a pity that we haven't imported some of their ideas on punishment instead of the rubbish that we have imported.


I read that the hook is finding prison a lot tougher over there. They only let him wear his hooks at meal times, and is in solitary all the time, being let out into a cage 1 hr a day during the week to exercise.

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