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Call this soccer!


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Suarez is receiving loads of flak, rightly so, but the antics of Garath Bale have received far less publicity but his actions were imo far worse. He threw himself to the floor with the sole intention of getting the keeper sent off.


All the divers should be punished retrospectively whether it is Suarez, Bale, Young, Nani or any other cheat.

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I cannot take seriously anyone who calls football SOCCER

Peter, when I was a lad everyone called it soccer, when your mates came round they would say "comin' on the common for a game of soccer" no one would dream of saying "coming on the common for a game of football" perhaps you don't remember that era, it derived from the term association football, the fact that the 'yanks' have adopted it makes no difference to me!. :rolleyes:

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