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Earth to Algy.

Peter T

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The stretch along Knutsford rd is nearing completion. WHY oh why have they spoilt the flood wall by putting a black fence along the top of ity? It ruins it. I am wondering if they are going to put a fence on the road side of the footpath as imo it is a very high dangerous kerb and I can see quite a few people falling into the traffic.

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... maybe it's because you are not really sorry for having whatever senior moment you think you may have had and it knows :lol:   Too late now unless you want me to move it and these replies to another topic for you.  Saying that you can do that yourself with your special powers :wink:


So... this black fence... is it along the whole of the new flood defence wall along Knutsford Road now or just part of it as that sounds awful. 


When I passed a week or so ago the new flood wall (with the little fishes on it) looked really  nice and I was pleasantly surprised as I'd not been that way for a while because of the road works but I don't remember seeing a fence on it.  Maybe it's just a temporary fence and they are doing something behind it ?!?


I did notice the new shaped kerbs though as like you say they are very high and I wondered whether the road level would be made higher but then realised they probably wouldn't do that as it doesn't need resurfacing and to make that side higher would mean they had to do the whole road and kerbs/pavements on the other side too.


Perhaps they have made them so high to discourage pedestrians, pram pushers etc from crossing the road at non designated crossing points. 

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The  actual black fence(wrought iron work?) is all the way along the top of the new wall, which in my opinion spoils the view. The view of the weir has gone also unless you actually stand on the path.

Aesthetically pleasing on paper no doubt.


You could always change the title.

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