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Being in Europe


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It's the 10% - 20% of EU rules which we WOULDN'T have to follow (the ones which don't concern trade within a Common Market, rules on such things as immigration, "human rights", subservience of our parliament and judiciary to a foreign power, proposed subservience of our armed forces to a foreign power, outside interference in our ELECTED governments tax and spending plans, outside interference in "green" matters) which would make all the difference!


Oh, and the £7.5 billion we'd be better off each year.


Your article claims that our contribution to the EU budget as EFTA members would be around 2 billion Euros (£1.6 billion - give or take). Last year, our NET contribution was £9.2 billion.

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see the french fisherman have been kicking off again over british boats fishing? for scallops. They have surrounded one boat and attacked others with rocks and flares saying that the british boats are not obeying the "voluntary" closed season that the french adhere to. There was even talk of blockading ports about it.


So much for the spirit of co-operation in the EU.:oops:

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